Deja Assiste a: Foreshadowing in " A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Taking a normal American friends and family on a holiday for a turn for the worse and into a psychopathic mass murderer seems like a twist for most stories, but Flannery O' Conner uses foreshadowing to reveal her plans early in the story. In re-reading the " An excellent Man is not easy to Find”, we see many more instances of foreshadowing leading us to the predictable decline of the granny and her family. In the very first phrase of the history, to newspapers and clearly obvious organized clues, there are plenty of prime cases used by a very clever Flannery O' Conner.

The story starts off with what we can seem back at this point as an " We told you so” moment: " The grandmother didn't when you go to Fl, she desired to visit a few of her contacts in east Tennessee and she was seizing at every chance to improve Bailey's mind” (134). In case the family had by a few miracle survived, the grandma would have definitely taken the chance to bring up her original idea of bailing on the trip to California. That is just the type of person this granny is. No one else's way or idea can be adequate for her just on the small chance which it won't meet expectation, and although they never actually achieved it to Sarasota, the relatives will never embark on this fascinating of a trip again. 06 Star is a daughter with the family, as well as the only one ready to talk to the grandma with the same sass the old woman dishes out. June star mentions in passing that the grandma " has to move everywhere we all go” (135). At the time of this kind of quote, Summer Star is only saying that the grandmother would not stay home if the family proceeded vacation, regardless of their vacation spot. By the end of the story, The Misfit has recently directed his fellow goons to drag each of the members of the family into the forest to be shot and slain. All apart from the grandmother have been murdered. But , in the same way June Legend said, the grandmother has to go all over the place they...

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