In August 1947, Pakistan was faced with several problems, a few immediate nevertheless others long term. The most important of such concerns was the role played out by Islam. Was Pakistan to be a seglar state portion as a homeland for Muslims of the subcontinent, or was it to get an Islamic state governed by the sharia, in which non-Muslims would be second-class citizens? The second question worried the syndication of electric power between the centre and the regional governments, a question that at some point led to the dissolution with the country with the painful loss in the East Wing (East Bengal, afterwards East Pakistan, now Bangladesh) in 1971, a problem that continued to be unresolved in the mid-1990s. The territory of Pakistan was divided into two parts for independence, segregated by about you, 600 kms of American indian territory. The 1940 Lahore Resolution got called for independent " states" in the southwest and the northeast. This target was transformed, by a 1946 meeting of Muslim Little league legislators into a call for a sole state (the acronym Pakistan had simply no letter to get Bengal). Pakistan lacked the machinery, employees, and gear for a fresh government. Possibly its capital, Karachi, was a second choice--Lahore was declined because it was too nearby the Indian line. Pakistan's economy seemed agreeable after cutting ties with India, the main market due to its commodities. And much of Punjab's electricity was imported from Indian power stations. Most importantly other worries were the violence plus the refugee problem: Muslims had been fleeing India; Hindus and Sikhs were fleeing Pakistan. Jinnah's plea to respect religion being a personal subject, not a point out matter, was ignored. Nobody was well prepared for the communal rioting and the mass movements of population that followed the June a few, 1947, London, uk announcement of imminent independence and rupture. The most old-fashioned estimates in the casualties were 250, 1000 dead and 12 , 000, 000 to twenty-four million asile. The actual restrictions of the two new states were...


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