All About Nerds

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" Enough is enough, ” exclaims Leonid Fridman in his passage entitled " America Needs It is Nerds. ” His passageway explains his discomfort and frustration-surrounding society's attitude to nerds.  Without nerds there would be not any electricity, cell phones or computer systems.  The world must love its nerds.  Through his make use of exemplification, definition, compare compare, and rhetorical questions, Fridman states for the requirement of nerds in society. In the common American society, good examples supporting the nerds are abundant. Fridman represents just how nerds are treated within an average United states of america school with exemplification.  He examines how being scholarly instead of athletic triggers the intellectuals to become outcasts.  This example is extremely prevalent in today's society.  Parents, instructors, students, along with other folks witness the hardworking learners being detested.  " Children who have prefer to browse books instead of play football, prefer to build model airplanes rather than receive wasted a parties with their classmates, become social outcasts, ” retorted Fridman which has a tone of disgust. Not only does this problem occur on a secondary school level although a college level as well.  When talking about student behavior at Harvard University, Fridman says, " students happen to be ashamed to acknowledge, even for their friends, simply how much they examine. ” Fridman shows the real difficulty and pressure people have the moment trying to gain knowledge. However , not all countries treat nerds the same way the U. H. does. Fridman compares each of our country to other nations around the world to show how our nerds are cured more quite. A academic student in the U. S. is shunned while a scholarly scholar in the east is praised. Fridman as well shows his discomfort if he compares professional baseball players in the U. S. to ballplayers consist of parts of the world. He says, " but not in America, where common professional ball players are more respected and better paid than faculty people of the best colleges. ”...


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