The goalkeeper is considered the most specialised situation in sports. A goalkeeper's job is primarily defensive: to protect the team's goal from being breached (to not really let the additional team score). Goalkeeper is the only location defined in the Laws of the Game. Goalkeepers are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands and arms, nevertheless they are restricted to doing so simply within their penalty area; that is why, they must put on jerseys that distinguish these people from other outfield players and the referee. When a goalkeeper is definitely sent away or hurt, and there is not any substitute goalkeeper available, a great outfield gamer must take those goalkeeper's place and put within the appropriate discovering uniform.[3] The discipline of goalkeeping is very specialised that it is very rare inside the professional video game for a goalkeeper to play in different other placement. One noteworthy exception is Jorge Campos of South america, who played effectively as a striker once called upon.[4] A goalkeeper with good technological skill may opt to have his team's penalties and free kicks though this is certainly rare since the goalkeeper would be caught out of location if ownership is conceded immediately after the kick. José Luis Chilavert, formerly of Vélez Sársfield and Paraguay, and Rogério Ceni of São Paulo and Brazil are recognized free-kick and penalty professionnals with over 100 desired goals to their brands. Hans-Jörg Booty is the goalkeeper to have have scored in the most different competitions, having have scored in all of Germany's top four sections, the German born cup as well as the UEFA Champions League.[5][6][7] Physical strength, height, jumping capacity and thinking are appreciated qualities pertaining to goalkeepers to have in order to manage aerial tennis balls and flexibility, quick reactions and a fantastic positional feeling are all necessary for shot halting.[8][9] The standard football expertise of ball control, tackling, passing and dribbling aren't usually needed in a goalkeeper, although the introduction of the back-pass rule in the early nineties has necessitated improvement...


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