Neurological and Humanistic Approaches to Character

Jesse Ruffin


September 1, 2014

University of Phoenix

Biological and Humanistic Approaches to Character

Personality is complex, and each's character characteristics happen to be unique. Persona has been analyzed and discussed over the years through the likes of Freud, Jung, Adler, and countless additional psychologist which is directly associated with Maslow's hypotheses of biological and humanistic approaches to individuality. We will examine the attachment theory assessment plus the basic areas of Maslow's humanistic theory. Applying attachment info will help explain the early marriage between my personal primary care-giver and me personally. The accessory theory evaluation is designed to assess one's accessory style and the way in which they approach close relationships. The proponents of humanistic theory focused on the potential for an individual and emphasized on the core growth and self-actualization. Maslow's fundamental belief of humanistic theory is that all people are naturally great socially and emphasizes that folks have control determining their mental overall health (All Psych Online, В 2011). В The theory is also credited with having environmental affects. Humanistic theory has helped in removing some judgment in therapies and the influence it had upon individuals starting them approximately explore their potential. Maslow's Hierarchy of needs is definitely the belief system of humanistic mindset (All Psych Online, В 2011). В The simple premise in back of this structure is that our company is born with certain needs" (All Psych Online, В 2011). В In buy for us to achieve life is to move up on the pecking order system. You will discover five amounts to Maslow's hierarchy requirements system. In the hierarchy demands system, the first require is physiological. It is the need for foodstuff, water, shelter, oxygen, and sleep. Second level is usually safety, the advantages of security and safety. For instance , the need for stable employment. Next level can be belonging the needed acknowledgement. In addition for the need of belonging there, is a need to think loved. Following a belonging is a esteem level, here is the need for achievement, education, respect, and competence. Although you have not really reached the full potential, you can have a feeling of accomplishment and pride. A final level is usually self- actualization, this is where you're certain your total potential. By way of example being the best that you can become, a sense of goal. Maslow's theory (hierarchy needs) different requirements levels, nevertheless how does that relate to the attachment examination and the attachment style. Finally, how does it connect with our early relationships with the caregiver? The attachment assessment theory assessment is designed to assess one's attachment style plus the way in which they approach close relationships (Farley, Brennan, & Waller, 2000). В According to attachment theory exploration, there are two fundamental techniques people vary from each other in the manner they view relationships (Farley, Brennan, & Waller, 2000). В Attachment-related panic and attachment-related avoidance. Those high in attachment-related anxiety usually fear being rejected and get worried if the other party loves these people, usually a partner (Farley, Brennan, & Waller, 2000). В Those individuals rich in attachment-related prevention are more likely unpleasant depending on others or becoming vulnerable to opening (Farley, Brennan, & Waller, 2000). В According to the connection assessment my score intended for attachment-related panic score is 1 ) 94 (low anxiety), and my attachment-related avoidance score 4. summer tipping size towards the higher side. The combination of the two scores puts me into the dismissive location. Dismissing folks are high with self-confidence and quite often come across good or hostile which disturbs in our close relationships. In addition , dismissing persons tend to direct their self-determination mainly with the expense with their close relationships. To answer problem how does this assessment and Maslow's theory relate to my personal early...

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