#2 - " There have been two revolutions in Russian federation because of the weak point of the Interino Government. ” To what extent do you agree with this statement? I agree with this affirmation to a large extent, as the revolutions had been directly caused by the weakened provisional government. The interino government, made after the first revolution, immediately caused the other revolution of 1917. Therefore this statement is true since the provisional government had no power, its reforms were worthless and induced adverse reactions, and forced Russians to go to more radical means to have got a competent government.

The provisional government was really weak in the spring of 1917, prior to the October revolution. The interino government has not been elected, and this caused a clear rift in power to the Russians. The federal government promised elections, yet these people were so late that Russians felt it had been the Bourgeoisie's efforts to grasp on to electric power. This discredited the eventual government, thus it was missing authority. Equally workers and soldiers had strong feelings of mistrust aimed at the provisional federal government from the start. That created an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion geared towards the interino government. The us government was therefore deemed to become illegitimate by Russian persons. Because of the weakened provisional government, people were dissatisfied with the federal government. Thus for the reason that provisional governments power was deteriorating due to the illegitimacy, the us government was left susceptible to wave. The uncertainty caused by the weak eventual government built the revolution of October 1917 likely. Therefore , since the provisional authorities was poor, it straight caused discontentment of the Russian public, and left that susceptible to another revolution.

Also, the provisional authorities led to its demise, through its various reforms that had been issued. As soon as the Tsar was abdicated, Russians wanted sweeping reforms to resolve the problems of everyday...


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