Bose Corporation SWOT Analysis


1 . Technology Leadership- Over the years, Bose provides acquired innovative technology which has allowed those to improve the sound and quality of their speaker systems. With these types of technological improvements, they have already been able to drastically reduce the size and pounds of these different units in order to make them far more convenient and available. This technology leadership allows Bose to generate a very good brand photo in the marketplace and has also helped to establish these people as a frontrunner in the sound systems market. 2 . Placement in Home Theatre Systems- Bose has long been identified for their good market situation in the home movie theater department. All their new brand of Acoustic WaveВ® systems for home use has been recognized as some of the best in the world. They have been noted for their outstanding level of output and quality while outstanding significantly smaller in size compared to all their competitors. Having the advantage of leading this market location in such a quickly growing market is a significant strength for the Bose Corporation. 3. Strong Manufacturer Name- In the U. S., Bose has been recognized a couple of times as having one of the strongest brand power. They have also recently received the Allocated Audio Honor for their pieces in 2005. Nearly being unfaithful out of 10 individuals are aware of the Bose music brand and associate the name with extreme sound and quality. To increase their brand image, Bose has also been known in dealing with probably the most widely recognized automobile producers in the world.


1 . Insufficient Size- Compared to other companies inside the audio marketplace, Bose is actually small. The annual income of Bose are much less than the earnings earned by other companies inside the same market. Bose is forced to compete with much larger players in the marketplace such as Sony and Pioneer who have an important advantage with regards to their advertising, financial, and technological assets....


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