Ibanag Folk Books

Ibanag folks literature, like any other materials, is the phrase of Cagayano's joys and sorrows, desires and worries, love and hatred, the very ingredients that whipped up all the fictional genre passed down to us. The Ibanags, like any different groups of people, meet your life in all its undressed conflicts: man versus gentleman; man versus environment or society; gentleman versus him self; man compared to his conscience, nay, man versus his God. Each one of these conflicts, considering that the glorious times of Ibanag renowned heroes, Biuag and Malana, and since the heroic times during the Magalad and Dayag, have got brought enmity, disunity, divisiveness, lust for wealth and self, and also to use the words and phrases of a sociologist, ethnic violence and committing suicide. This inside the span of some five-hundred years, Ibanag folk literary, and Ibanag balladeer, verzista, the Ibanag minstrel, country folk and countryside mystics composed and handed down quantities of folk literature advocating love, peace, proper rights, honesty, oneness, morality, getting back together and enhancement of lifestyle. Ibanag folk literature can be didactic, moralistic, predominantly expressive, romantic, socialistic, comic and spiritual--all directed at uniting the Cagayanos, courageous like the kasi or outrageous cock that challenges them to greatness at sunrise; mission-oriented just like the Bannag upon whose banks their forebears were rooted; graceful since the bamboo bedding that bends in the gusts of wind of issues; sturdy since the Tromba in the typhoons of controversies. Ibanag Common myths

Bakit Tumataas Ang Dagat  Kapag Bilog Ang Buwan? �

An Ibanag Fantasy of Gods, Love and a Empress

MATAGAL na matagal na, ang mga diwata (dios con diosas, gods and goddesses) lamang ang nabubuhay wiewohl sa daigdig (mondo, world). Ang lupa (tierra, earth),  dagat(mar, sea) at langit (cielo, sky) ay pinagha-harian ng a few makapangyarihang ‘diwata' (espiritus, gods). Ang ‘diwata' ng langit ay si Araw (sol, sun) for anak niya ang napaka-gandang Buwan (luna, moon). Aliwan ni Buwan ang mamasyal lagi na sa kalawakan...


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