Chapter being unfaithful Outline: The Quest for a Republican Culture

I. Democratic Republicanism

A. Social & Political Equality for White colored Men

1 ) Republican ideology proclaimed:

a. Legal equality for all cost-free men

b. However, Americans acknowledged social sections if we were holding based on personal achievements. 2 . Some Americans (from long-distinguished families) inhibited the values of a interpersonal order based on mobility & financial success. 3. By the 1810s, Republicanism meant voting rights for all those free white-colored men. 4. Americans more and more rejected the deferential political views of Federalists who required " a speaking aristocracy in the face of a silent democracy. ” 5. As the political benefits of middling & poor white men grew, the privileges & status of white women & free blacks declined. W. Toward a Republican Relationship System

1 . European & American husbands:

a. Got long focused their girlfriends or wives

b. Manipulated the family's property.

2 . Women argued the fact that subordination of women was at possibilities with the his party belief in equal natural rights. several. Economic & cultural changes eroded normal paternal specialist a. Father and mother could no more use terrain as an incentive to control all their children's lives & partnerships. 4. As the article topics of the cardiovascular overwhelmed the cool common sense of the head, a new marriage system came out. 5. Rather than seeking to control them, dads now wanted to protect the best interests of their children. 6th. Theoretically, the republican great of " companionate” marriage gave spouses equality with the husbands; actually, husbands still controlled the property. 7. Just before 1800, most petitioners pertaining to divorce billed their husband and wife with disregard, abandonment, or adultery; after 1800, emotional grounds dominated divorce petitions. C. Republican Motherhood

1 ) Main responsibilities of a married woman:

a. running the family unit

b. raising the children.

2 . Start 19C the U. H. experienced a pointy decline inside the birthrate a. Fewer kids meant dads could give better for every b. Moms were not anymore willing to spend all their active years bearing & showing children. several. Political market leaders called upon ladies to become: a. " His party wives” & " Republican mothers” who shape the characters of American men. 5. Christian ministers:

a. Embraced the concept of republican being a mother b. Several envisioned a public part for women based upon their domestic virtues. M. Raising & Educating Republican Children

1 . Most American claims required the estate of the man become divided of most his children if he died with no will. (Unlike the English custom of primogeniture) 2 . Some sensed that Republicanism encouraged American parents to relax parental willpower & provide their children higher freedom. several. Well-to-do Us citizens (influenced by the Enlightenment) a. Believed kids were " rational creatures” b. Believed children could possibly be trained to act properly & responsibly. some. Many poor families (influenced by the Second Wonderful Awakening): a. had much stricter, authoritarian parents. 5. Values taught w/in people were crucial because most education happened w/in the home. 6. Many state epreuve encouraged the usage of public resources to fund primary schools…BUT a. there was very little progress until the 1820s. six. Textbooks:

a. Praised credibility & work...


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