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I am going to investigate the rate of response between salt thiosulphate (thio) and hydrochloric acid.

Hydrochloric Acid & Sodium Thiosulphate " " sodium chloride + normal water + sulphur

The reactants are both colourless, but among the products, sulphur, is discolored, so we can use this fact to follow the rates of reaction. I will investigate how the concentration in the acid effects the speed with the reaction.


1 tiny measuring tube

1 huge measuring tube

1 little beaker

1 large beaker

Hydrochloric Chemical p

Sodium Thiosulphate

Cross attracted on paper

Cone-shaped flask




First of all we measured away 25cm3 chemical p and 25cm3 sodium thiosulphate. Then all of us drew a cross on a piece of paper make an empty conical flask together with the paper. Next, all of us poured the 25cm3 chemical p and 25cm3 thio in the conical flask and began the stop clock. We all timed how long it took intended for the solution to show cloudy in order that the cross may no longer be found. We after that decided to change the experiment to verify if the attentiveness of the acid solution affected the pace of reaction. To do this we added normal water to the acid solution and performed the research again 4 times, decreasing the concentration in the acid by simply 5cm3 each time. We would this by measuring the actual acid within a beaker and pouring this into a testing cylinder together with the water as well. We then added the contents from the cylinder to the conical flask along with the 25cm3 sodium thiosulphate.


We changed the concentration in the hydrochloric chemical p by adding normal water to that.

25 Acidity / 0 Water as well as 25 thio

20 Acid / a few Water as well as 25 thio

15 Acid / twelve Water / 25 thio

10 Acid / 15 Water as well as 25 thio

5 Acid solution / twenty Water as well as 25 thio

Instead of changing the focus of the acid solution, we could have added drinking water to the thio, like this:

twenty-five Acid as well as 25 thio / zero Water

25 Acid / 20 thio / your five Water

25 Acid as well as 15 thio / 12 Water

twenty-five Acid as well as 10 thio / 12-15 Water

twenty-five Acid / 5 thio / twenty Water

We could also have improved the heat of the thio before mixing up it with the hydrochloric acidity, or the temperatures of the hydrochloric acid ahead of mixing it with the thio.

Fair Assessment

To ensure a fair test, I will make sure We keep the volume of the sodium thiosulphate the same, 25cm3. I will also make certain that I use a similar cross in writing every time and never switch between a softly drawn pen cross and a heavy mix drawn in black marker, as this would impact the time used for it to disappear. As well to ensure a good test I will use the same beakers and measuring cylinders each time for holding the thio plus the acid. This is due to if I put the thio in a beaker that had recently held acid solution then it could start off a reaction and affect the overall response rate. Also, we need to wash the beakers and cylinders before using them as there may be another chemical left inside the bottom. This might start off unnecessary reactions and affect the effect rate. Finally, we will make sure that the same person judges when the cross is no longer visible or the reaction times consequence could not become accurate, since 2 persons could have diverse eyesight and thus different opinions on if the x provides disappeared.


I foresee that as I decrease the focus of the hydrochloric acid, the response rate will get slower.

Reason Of Conjecture

I think that 25cm3 acid and 25cm3 thio will certainly react quicker than one of the solutions using a lower concentration of acid solution because there are even more acid contaminants in the remedy, which means even more particle accidents, resulting in a quicker reaction. If the solution is usually diluted, there aren't several acid allergens to wage war with the thio particles therefore, the reaction is significantly slower.



Acid/cm3Water/cm3Reaction Time 1Reaction Time 2Average Reaction Period

2501. 522. 332. doze

2052. 092. 432. dua puluh enam

15102. 242. 542. 39

10153. 053. 383. 21...


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