Reflection of Brave New World

After studying Brave New World I are left with a number of feelings. Let me start with the bad feelings. One feeling that stuck with me personally was a feeling of disgust. To tell the truth this book pissed me away. I understand what Huxley is attempting to do in this book, although why from this fashion? In the first place I disliked the story. The character types, the events, and the society alone made me mad. I didn't enjoy the account at all. I thought it was a waste of your beautiful forming plot. The ending is exactly what really ticked me off. I cannot believe Huxley will do this kind of a thing and end his book in such a ghastly fashion. But with this all hate comes joy and acceptance.

I believe the reason Huxley wrote this sort of a horrible story was to demonstrate horrible items he was trying to get his readers to see. We come across that Huxley made a society where some of humanity's ills can be found even though every thing bad was supposed to be already eliminated. I understand that Huxley was aiming to open his reader's eyes so they can carry out what this individual did, that has been question contemporary society. I extremely praise Huxley for accomplishing this and opening my eyes a little wider than they currently were.

One other of the items that really trapped on to me was the fact that Huxley saw the government and society because brainwashers. I did previously be like most people and just accept things because they are, but then something hit myself one day and I realized I had been living in a pile of crap known as our gorgeous United States. Huxley didn't wide open my eyes but since I said before it sure performed help enhance my theory on life. Huxley's opinions may or may not be because extreme because mine but I see why he wrote this terrible beautiful novel. I cherished the fact that he perceives society because brainwashed people in his book and in his own contemporary society and ours also. I am able to honestly say that our society is relatively o a brave " new world ". Try it. Problem any person within our society regarding delicate however firm is convinced our world has and discover the denial of the idea. One example I always use...


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