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Subject matter: IDST 50

Date: 02/04/13

Managing your time

Taking control of your time and efforts

* Establishing goals

* List the top three personal goals for the coming decade 5. Determine two methods for attaining each objective.

* An objective is anything you want to attain

2. An objective is a tangible, considerable method for obtaining there.

* Building priorities

* Identify which goals and objectives are most critical * Keep a to-do list, and rank the things on the list.

* Determine activities and deadlines for each task

* Find an ideal way to balance your academic timetable, social existence, family life and coming back yourself

* Staying focused

* Make a plan; start with priorities and then the essentials of your life * Complete what should be done prior to you approach from operate to satisfaction.

Creating a practical class plan

* By using a daily or perhaps weekly adviser

2. Consider investing in a week-at-a-glance organizer or an electronic planner * Carry the planner at all times and enter into all thanks dates as early as you know all of them * Publish meeting times and locations

5. Schedule social events & study moment for each class

2. Add email addresses and contact numbers

* Choose a certain time of day to evaluate your records daily.

* Keep a To-do list

* Superstar a to-do list each day or once weekly

* Build a system for prioritizing the items on your list * Get into all obligations for the week; classes work hours, personal tasks. * Book at least 2hrs study time for every single hour put in in class 2. Estimate how much time you will want for each task, begin function early 5. Set period aside to get research and also other preparatory tasks.

Organizing your entire day

* Allow sufficient time to review and then test out your knowledge when preparing for tests * Schedule time to review ASAP after class (helps remember whatever you learned in class) 2. Take advantage of your better time of day to examine



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