Query #1

3 issues Britney needs to consider:

* Joan and Natalie's conversation about her sexual harassment * The Max MacSweeney issue of visiting unwanted websites at work * Cheating of two warehouse supervisor with the organization and Paul didn't inform top supervision even though he knew about the scam The 1st issue needs to be addressed initial because Natalie story was spreading all over Winnipeg and Wilmington multimedia as well as in front of the Ontario human rights commission. Therefore , they should solve this issue at the earliest opportunity before it becomes difficult to maintain a provider's reputation in the present market. Subsequently, it can also mess up the Natalie's image in the society as it is important to maintain the women graphic in the contemporary society. The Utmost MacSweeney issue should be considered now because the is actually inside the company and only persons from head office know about this challenge. So they can address other problems first all those are more crucial and harming the company status instead of spending their the perfect time to solve other problems.

Query #2

Britney should offer first and last caution to Mary Jorgenson regarding the event. To improve the policy of employee marketing communications, the company ought to make an insurance policy not to distributed employee personal topic with other employees in the company. The corporation should also call and make an agreement that employees probably should not speak with the media without the company's authorization and if employees are allowed to speak with the mass media than they need to not speak about specific theme to press which can be harmful to the company's photo. in short, company should have plans like wide open door plan and in-house complaint methods so workers can satisfy their supervisor or another person in management to resolve workplace issue. Question #3

We would like to recommend two disciplinary actions that Britney takes with regards to the case involving Max MacSweeney. The first one is definitely hot-stove guideline and another one is...

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