History Thing Alex Podlesny

Audio: The King of Great britain gave permission to the settlers so that they visit the " New World” and make a colony. The King agreed upon an agreement to ensure that he allows them go. The people who are willing to travel happen to be explaining the great sides of why they must travel and just how it would help the economy of England. Event: The agreement that was signed by King was at England. The person who composed the agreement was perishing to go who wrote every thing he can to influence the California king to let him go. The people from Great britain heard about this kind of voyage thus they spread the word plus they tried to persuade other people to get them mainly because they informed them it might be very rewarding for them. Market: The audience was the people who had been trying to persuade the thing to leave them get and make a nest. Most of the audience was adults and people so that they can replicate and continue generations to reside the nest. Also they will needed adults in good condition so that they can work that help build the colony. People who followed their particular religion also wanted to proceed because they will believed that people wanted them to do that. Goal: The purpose was so that they certain people to go with them and tell that it was a good idea. They will convinced them by telling them that they may have a better life right now there and that it is something that our god wants them to do. Incredibly religious people believed these people but not so religious people weren't quickly convinced. Subject: The subject is that they should get and generate a nest. It convinced people that they will have a much better, safer, and happier lifestyle. Also they told them that they might be a part of history and also goodness wants those to do that Sculpt: The sculpt is critical and very simple. It says things inside the best and the most convincing techniques so that persons can join in. The sculpt also supports the nest and it does not say the negative sides in the event that they go.


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