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- Fraus omnia corrumpit

(theory of fraud), in respect to which one can never rely on a bogus act to justify the usage of a guideline of law to its very own profit. The scope of application, the conditions of app, and the legal effects thereof will be described, since they are subject of debate. Further, the relation involving the principle Fraus omnia corrumpit and other principles or basic principles of law will be examined. In this, the discussed principle may fulfil 3 possible functions (with every time different legal effects): merely a explanatory function for different concepts of law; a corrective system which excludes the application of rules of legislation in case of scams; or the function of a totally autonomous idea of law. The results of the research can provide a new insight into the function of standard principles of personal law in the hierarchy of sources of rules. The correct range and function from the principle Fraus omnia corrumpit are still uncertain in legislation due to an absence of fundamental analysis, contrary to other systems of regulation. Innovative study (according to internal and external relative law and a functional-inductive approach) will mean fixing the contours with this principle, that may lead to bigger legal assurance. - No bis in idem,

Ne bis hin zu in idem, which converts literally by Latin as " certainly not twice inside the same [thing]", is a legal doctrine to the effect that no legal action can be instituted twice for the same cause of action. It is a legal idea originating in Roman Civil Regulation, but it is basically the equivalent of the double jeopardy (autrefois acquit) doctrine present in common rules jurisdictions. -- In dubio pro responsabile

The basic principle of in dubio expert reo (Latin for " when in doubt, for the accused" ) means that a defendant will not be convicted by the court when doubts about his or her sense of guilt remain. It is often used specifically to refer to the principle of...


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