The period of changeover from child years to adulthood is called Adolescent with faster physical, biochemical and mental development. It is a unique length of dynamic transform which may be called " Growing up”. Teenage life is the period of time that commences with the start puberty and lasts practically a decade i actually. e., through the age of few to around 20 years of age. This can be a period of fast growth and maturation in human advancement. It is this period that the last growth spurt occurs. In case the growth of a youngster is much less good since it should be, it is going to affect his/her future health because an adult.

Now WELLNESS according to WHO " is a point out of full physical, mental, and cultural wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. ” On the other hand, adolescents and young adults take part in a range of behaviors which could affect the top quality of their health insurance and the possibility of their success in the short terms along with affect all their lifetime into the survival. Whenever we look just at disability-adjusted life years for the adolescent age group, adolescents seem to be relatively healthier. Nonetheless, more than 33% from the disease burden and almost 60% of early deaths between adults can be associated with actions or circumstances that started out or took place during adolescence—for example, tobacco and alcohol use, poor eating habits, intimate abuse, and risky sexual intercourse (WHO 2002). Mass media (television, radio, mags, newspaper, pamphlets, internet etc . ) performs a paramount role in today's society. Mass media are tools for the transfer of information, concepts, and ideas to both equally general and specific viewers. Communicating regarding health through mass media can be complex, nevertheless , and challenges professionals in diverse procedures. Mass media caters to a diverse target audience, ranging from kids, to children, to adults. Amongst said audiences, " Adolescents will be vigorous users of the info broadcasted in media” (Werner-Wilson, Morrissey & Fitzharris, 2004). Because this time frame of adolescent is so crucial to the development of a child's human body and brain, any negative influences may have long term health effects. Impact of mass media upon Adolescents is particularly vulnerable because is the age when they are more easily influenced by simply negative aspect of all things. They are now not mature and several times business lead a life of illusion. This is why fresh adolescents can not accept the excellent things offered by mass media tools, alternatively attracted simply by illusionary and faulty commercial advertisings, largely health related elements. Sophisticated communities are determined by mass media to offer health information. The importance of health reports is related to what gets reported and how that gets reported. Today the majority of prevention professionals and analysts recognize that many of the messages we get from the media are risk factors intended for numerous public health problems. From the time we all wake up for the radio noisy alarms to the period we fall asleep with the TELEVISION SET on, all of us live in a media lifestyle. We simply cannot escape the media's affect on possibly our healthier or detrimental behaviors. A few positive aspects of mass media is definitely acknowledged, but predominantly came down on the medial side of tv set having long-term negative effects. Numerous studies over the past five decades have got examined the impact of media on teenagers children, to find such risky behaviors as violence; alcohol, tobacco, and also other drug abuse; poor body image and eating disorders; bright, unsafe sexual activity; and young age motherhood. A brief report on each topic will offer a few insight into the influence of mass media within the health of young adolescents. More importantly, the discussion will addresses how the notion of media literacy can be used to reduce the negative influences mass media are believed to have in young peoples' health-related behaviour and actions.


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