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Interaction & Scholarship (CSC 101)Assignment 1

1 . Discuss virtually any three types of interaction and show the way they apply to virtually any organisation which you have chosen. (25)

2 . You have been selected to participate in a workshop about HIV/AIDS at the workplace. Check out any five categories of low verbal conversation that you would use pertaining to effective interaction (25)



The three types of communication happen to be written communications, verbal messages and low verbal messages.

Written emails

Written text messages are most suitable when details has been sent out to a large numbers of people at scattered locations and when track of what was dispatched must be kept.

Written interaction should be full, clear, respectful (use ideal tone, generate goodwill by avoiding hateful language ), concrete (use facts and figures), correct that is use correct vocabulary level, on paper one need to master adjective, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, content and interjections these are areas of speech, clearness (use suitable terms). The writer or perhaps speaker should think about the what? – concept / subject matter, why? -- reason, once? -date, comparable time, How? - way / process, where? – setting, who have? - consider the device.

Businesses employ many forms of written messages such as information, memoranda, words, and newsletters.

Memorando: it is a conversation sent simply by one person to one or more collegues within the organisation about a matter affecting the operations of the enterprise. This can be a note / record for future work with, written to someone to remind someone about something. Connection is at expert to peer level and extremely ordinate to subordinate level.

Memoranda is surely an internal doc to connect between doing work collegues that serves as a means of offerring instruction, attracting attention to several situation or any possible relevant situation, a protective measure and an indicator concerning a few aspect of a project which is worth consideration.

Producing a memo

A memo has the following components,

Heading: this consists of the title comunicacion it may also consist of additional courses such as department, location, telephone, extension.

The " To” line- with regards to the degree of custom or informality in the organisation the job subject can be included. If the writer want to show respect salutation can be included, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss e. g. Mr M Mikaso (Chairman). A circulation notation could be printed at the end of the tonto.

" From”- for id purposes the writer can include a job position, title, cell phone, extension, division e. g H Mlambo Secretary, Legal Department, Room 513 ext 243

Date- the time should be created as it makes the place of your memo clear in a pattern of correspondence. Should a dispute occur it can be used to fix the issue that may be you knowledgeable the recipient before or after some action was used.

Ref - short for reference. It might be a file research or simply your initials you want to website link the memo with.

A subject heading- the main topic of the tonto should be stated as in brief as possible. The heading saves space and adds effectiveness to the interaction by making the subject clear right away.

Message- it does not include a salutation. It is aimed at getting right to the point by passing in information into a colleague financially and efficiently.

Signature-write throughout the initials and also the full labels typed below the message.


To: Helper ManagerDate: 15/12/2009

From: H Mlambo, Standard ManagerRef: SM/AM


The reception region will be redecorated during the week beginning a few Januaryand personnel will not be in a position to work there.

I've established for personnel to operate I the 2nd floor conference room for one week. You should inform everyone involved of the arrangements.


Verbal text messages

Managers talk verbally (orally and in writing) more often than...


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