In act III, scene ii William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Brutus and Antony equally deliver messages to the both roman public by Caesar burial. Both of all their purpose in speaking to the roman individuals to defend their belief relating to Caesar's murder and encourage the audience. In the following dissertation, I will illustrate Antony's talk was more rhetorically powerful than Brutus. I will evaluate the strength, trustworthiness and efficiency of each presentation based on the insight of Aristotle.

Antony's speech was more powerful than Brutus could be evaluated simply by finding the strength of each presentation. According to Aristotle, good speeches include a balance of both is of interest of argument (logical and emotional). In the event both logical and mental appeals are generally not incorporated, the speech would not be good. Logical appeals use supporting reasons convince an audience of a specific point and emotional is attractive target the emotion with the audience simply by appealing to images, pity and nostalgia to create some kind of connection with the presenter. Brutus speech exemplifies the application of logical appeals to justify his position relating to Caesar death. He delivers reasons to convince the audience that Caesar needed to die. For examples, this individual offers the both roman citizens grounds for so why Caesar had to die, when he claims that if Caesar was in the people of rome would be turned into slaves. As he states, " got you alternatively were living and expire all slaves, than that Caesar had been dead, to live all cost-free man? ”. The way in which Brutus employs this kind of appeal of argument is inappropriate. This is because he offers not any supporting evidence and even neglects evidence. On the other hand, Antony's talk contains the utilization of logical attracts justify his position relating to Caesars death. He supplies reason to convince the audience that Caesar should not have been completely killed. For instance , he obviously provides the both roman citizens using a reason for why Caesar did not deserve to die, specifically that he was not driven. He does this by invoking the...


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