How have improvements in technology affected dance and boogie companies?

Pertaining to millions of years Humans had been developing technology. As human's we are for the peak of change moving from and analogue world to a digital one. This creates vast amounts of possibilities in the entertainment industry non-e more so than Dance. However some traditional boogie has kept to it is roots there has been some significant advancements impacted by technology. Dance businesses have nearly been are an essential aspect of by the use of modern technology, with the ability to show work into a vast market and connect more efficiently. Not necessarily possible to say when move was invented or because it became a part of human lifestyle, but it has been since prior to birth of the first human civilizations. There is data on give walls paintings of moving and this offers us interdiction that it is ritual in which we certainly have indulged in since the begging of the human race. Although move has developed over thousands of years together with the advancements of music technology has simply really did start to effect move in the last one hundred year.

" I seriously believe in necessity being the mother of invention. All of the dancers recognize how difficult and tiring it is now to work with the live band. ” G Narendra, July 21, 2002

I feel the greatest advancement can be recorded music, this gives ballroom dancers the right now taken for granted chance for practice anytime without need of musicians. This in turn influenced cost of specialist dance because musicians will not have to be paid out. Also effected dance traditions as open public could right now take the ‘dance halls home with them' to either practice or just dance in the home. When documenting was first made vibrations were recorded onto wax cyl, quality was poor and volume low. But as technology has advanced the introduction of appear equipment has grown. LP had been the first main vapor media to get playing music and has now progressed to digital. Not only has the progression of digital removed require...


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