п»їMemorial by simply Norman MacCaig

This composition is a great elegy, a poem that is a lament intended for the useless, for a precious person in Maccaig's your life, probably his sister Frances. It is a unfortunate and gorgeous poem about how exactly her death pervades every factor of his life. He causes it to be clear that her death is designed for him a conference that has their place in the past. Instead the her declining stays with him constantly- In the starting of the poem he declares, ' Just about everywhere she dies' and in the last stanza, ‘she can't end dying'. He could be immersed in her loss of life, painfully alert to its ugliness and evidently misses her. Maccaig was an atheist and as such in the face of death, there are no convenient comforts to get him packed with promises of eternal lifestyle or revival beyond the grave because he was a non- believer. (other people can take comfort in Goodness, prayer). Pertaining to MacCaig, her death presented an awful finality.

This composition however probably helped him with his grieving.


The composition is crafted in totally free verse, the poem is his usual conversational style and simple language. Written by a initial person stance in the past tense- 3 stanzas. Stanza 1- he features the subject of his meditation- the death of your loved one. ‘Everywhere she dies'- everywhere can be repeated- ‘everywhere I proceed she dies'. The poet cannot avoid awareness of the death of his sis. These statements are basic, direct and matter of fact. There follows a patterned list of places where her death, for him, shall be found; Zero sunrise, simply no city sq ., no lurking beautiful mountain. These areas are not usually associated with death, but are generally places brimming, like the town square as well as the sunrise and mountains are generally associated with natural beauty. This shows that the impact of her death has meant to get him the particular places are tainted with death and grief is all around him Stanza 2- He reflects and explores the impact with this painful experience. ‘She grieves for my grief', reinforces the connect between the two of them, the lady...


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