When comparing the civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia during 8, 000 BCE to at least one, 000 BCE, there are many comparison. One way through which they are comparable was that that they both captive-raised next to fertile waterways. One way by which they are distinct was that equally their control partners were different.

One of the ways in which they are similar is that they both farmed. The Egypt world was located all over the Nile River, while the Mesopotamia civilization was located by the Tigris and Euphrates streams. The Egypt civilization's site on the Earth River was obviously a good spot because the Earth River flooded regularly. When the Nile Lake would avalanche, the avalanche would provide slit from additional up the water and fertilize the ground to get farming. The Tigris and Euphrates estuaries and rivers did flood, but when they flooded it would be violent since the river current is more robust than the Nile's. The Mesopotamia civilization created canals and dikes pertaining to flood control. Another similarity between the Egypt and the Mesopotamia civilizations was their Religion. Both the Egypt and Mesopotamia were polytheistic. The leaders in two civilizations believed to be related to the gods because of the wealth and power they had within the civilizations. The two cultures also constructed temples to praise all their god. The Mesopotamia world built a temple called Ziggurats to praise their very own god, even though the Egypt civilization built temples called pyramids to praise their goodness. They produced the ziggurats out of dry off-road bricks while the pyramids were created out of limestone. The Egypt civilization believed the fact that pyramids they will built shielded the the grave.

One of the ways in which they may be different was that both all their trade lovers were distinct. The Egypt civilization traded with generally the Mesopotamia civilization and Africa, while Mesopotamia had a wide range of trading partners. One other difference both civilizations experienced was all their technology. The Mesopotamia world developed around 8, 500...


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