Air level of resistance is one of the most significant forces on the planet. Without air flow resistance the airplanes didn't be able to take flight. Also when you throw something it would just fall season no matter how hard you put it. The moment something is lowered like a hammer and a feather, in a place without having air (a vacuum), just like the moon, (it still has gravity) the sludge hammer and feather would land at the same time. It is because there is no atmosphere resistance and gravity makes things decreased at the same acceleration so regardless if something since heavy while an elephant or bulkier, is decreased at the same time being a something while light like a feather and even lighter, then simply, they would property at the same time. (Except is you drop a parrot or a thing that would fly) Research question

How will elevating the helicopters weight influence how the helicopter falls? Hypothesis

If even more paper videos are on the helicopter, then the heli-copter will show up faster, for the reason that helicopter is usually heavier therefore it would appeal to less air resistance.








В· В В В В В В В В 3 paperclips

В· В В В В В В В В A newspaper like this В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В With a 5 cm back button 20 ВЅ cm diameter

В· В В В В В В В В Scissor

В· В В В В В В В В Calculator

В· В В В В В В В В Timer

В· В В В В В В В В Chair


1 . В В В В В В Take the helicopter linen ( ) 2 . В В В В В В Cut along the speckled lines

several. В В В В В В Ford section labeled A

and section labeled C behind

section labeled b

4. В В В В В В Fold section C behind section B

a few. В В В В В В To full your helicopter,

collapse blade By below Bade Y in the

opposite guidelines. All violet should be concealed

6. В В В В В В Stand on a chair and drop the

helicopter. Time this and record. Do this

5 fold

7. В В В В В В Use the calculator to obtain

average time (add all the amounts together and

divided the amount by the volume of quantities there


eight. В В В В В В Repeat steps six through seven with one

Paperclip around the...


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