Assalamualaikum and a very good morning hours to my fellow friends, and mostly to our lecturer Sir Fazlul Haque m Hj. Kamarudin. Today, within this fine early morning, I would like to provide to you a public conversation about 'Music helps us to express every single kind of feelings and can cause multiple reactions. ' Music. We listen to it almost every working day. No matter where were, music will be played possibly on the car radio or just by simply humming a tune. Were you aware that music started as early as the Paleolithic era? So music is about two hundred 000 years of age. Music and society will always be intimately related. Music demonstrates and makes social conditions – such as the factors that either facilitate or obstruct social modify. It is powerful at the level of the interpersonal group as it facilitates conversation which includes more than words, allows meanings to get shared, and promotes the development and maintenance of individual, group, cultural and national identities. Music is usually written in theory and made true practically. Music is like a major international language. Despite the fact that we do not understand the lyrics although we understand the melody. The rhythm. The harmony. It has the power to generate us weep, be cheerful, deep in thought and many other emotions that may be drawn out from the inside. Listening to selected music has been shown to improve feeling, increase output, and even encourage intellectual progress. Music found in advertising to catch your attention. Music helps to communicate every kind of emotion, if sad, cheerful, excited, or perhaps boredom. It is powerful with the individual level because it may induce multiple responses – physiological, movements, mood, mental, cognitive and behavioral. A song can easily relate to virtually any and every feeling, even the unnamed ones as well as change the mood for the better or for the even worse, we connect songs to moments inside our lives and hold on to all of them for that instant they are playing, they obtain stuck inside our heads and drive all of us crazy, they can be poetry plus they touch us in many more ways that can be pointed out. Music is another form of your life. Because it influences us in each level. That affects each of our brain, the mood, your body react to that. The brain's multiple processing of music can make it hard to predict this effects of virtually any piece of music on anybody. It causes pupils to dilate, maximize blood pressure, and increase the heartrate, increases defenses, can even weaken the body. Rhythm can affect or breathing and our head wave patterns. It affects animals and plants. Additionally, it can even be utilized to heal. Would you like music? Yet do you know that music can be used to heal? Research has shown that music can be an important therapy for a number of conditions. However , analysts also believe music may promote joy and a harmonious relationship – irrespective of whatever ails a person. This account (published in a UK newspaper) describes a modern conference subsidized by the Meet Trust in London, uk. This particular session was titled " Going through the Rhythms of Life”. The session point out the question: What goes on when music meets your brain? Music provides and always will play a key component in self-expression, but only now is researchers beginning to determine what part it plays within our development. Its power to influence us is known – it can hurt and heal, inspire and push, inspire and empower. Nevertheless we are only beginning to know how, when and why. Music or tracks helps to express every sort of emotion however, unnamed ones. We can associate songs to moments in our lives. This report is usually available in hard form format through the main publisher: David Francis, The Doing Right World, 29 – 33 Deguisers Street, London, uk, W1T 3AB The power of music to act therapeutically has long been identified. Therapy may involve hearing or positively making music. Increasingly it could involve both. Music could be effective in conjunction with other interventions in promoting leisure, alleviating anxiety and pain in medication and dental treatment, and marketing...


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