As I visited RSL Anzac Village, Narraben, I have discussed

the nurses doing their functions in connection and protection practice in a professional working environment. As I was bought in Nepal, I was really surprised with my personal expectation contrasting to what I use seen. From this reflective writing I am going to explain about how does my expectation meet the obesevatation communication and safety features.

In my imagination, RSL could have been a hospital with many nurses, doctors and very filthy place with non-human habit. The sufferers could have been very old, weak and motionless, the ambiance in an outdated care hub might be heartbreaking and gloomy.

Soon after My spouse and i started going for walks inside the treatment center, I had been surprise with all the way it was operated. I noticed a nurse using extremely soft tone with acknowledgement. She started out with Good morning. How are you today? Even though the person she was addressing was nonverbal, she responded as though she was a normal women. In answer, the person reacted with the laugh and brain nodding. Actually I was very impressed with the way dialogue was made. I do think this has demonstrated good interpersonal skills including respect for the patient, tolerance and respect, so these are generally few things that I learned all about effective conversation and it is necessary to communicate compassionately and effectively with occupants. I agree with all the Jasmine (2009) as states therapeutic communication is most essential for nurses because they have care both actually and psychologically.

On the second instance, I could see so many flexibility equipments to transfer patient from bed to shower chair or from shower room chair to bed. After my instructor explained all of us importance of all those equipment, which would easily simplify and break down the task and make each of our life convenient. As a result these types of device present mobility support for immobilized elders (Clarke, Chan, Santaguida and Colantonio, 2009). The second incident I managed to get caught in made me to understand there are so many...


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