Process Design and style Matrix and Summary

OPS 571

November 8, 2014

J. Phillip Harris

Method Design Matrix and Brief summary

The purpose of this kind of summary is usually to outline distinct process design approaches for any service and then for a product. The service selected for this task is a bike and kayak rental operation which manages reservations although also unique requests and customer issues. The product is actually a customized cooler bag designed to always be handed out as being a promotional item. The personalized item experiences two independent processes, the one that manufactures the product and the second one that customizes it simply by printing a customer logo into it. Three strategies are available for the service techniques and these are generally commonly known as production range, self-service, and personal attention (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, g. 226). Manufacturing processes will include a project layout, workcenter or perhaps job store approach, making cell, and assembly line or continuous procedures (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, p. 166). Service Techniques

Production Collection

The production collection process that has been pioneered by McDonald's is applicable manufacturing rules to the delivery of providers by concentrating activities around the efficient delivery of outcomes. This process takes a high level of standardization inside the services delivered at the expense of personal awareness of customer needs (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, p. 227). Self-Service

At the reverse end with the spectrum from your production line approach may be the self-service way which places customers with control yet makes them an important part of the service delivery process (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, p. 227). Personal Focus

The personal interest approach is definitely the least successful of the processes and centers entirely about attending to the needs and desires of shoppers. This approach could be desirable in situations where customers include high expectations and exceptional requests because may be the circumstance in a luxury hotel or upscale retail store (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, pp. 227-228). Manufacturing Operations

Project Design

A project structure is the least efficient from the manufacturing processes because it is designed to handle one-offs and remarkably customized goods. It is suitable for complex and large projects that result in a small quantity of gifts because the operations revolve around the key deliverable (Jacobs & Pursue, 2011, p. 166). Workcenters

A workcenter layout is more efficient when compared to a project structure and aims at reducing the movement of materials through the entire process. It is appropriate for small runs and items that are super easy to move in one workcenter to another (Jacobs & Chase, 2011, p. 166). Manufacturing Cell

Manufacturing cellular material are similar to workcenters in the sense which the product to and from equipment that may be difficult or sometimes impossible to move (Jacobs & Run after, 2011, p. 166). Flow line and Ongoing Process

A consistent or flow line process is an incremental manufacturing process where the merchandise moves by between different stations throughout the transformation process in a matched and coordinated way. Is it doesn't most efficient with the manufacturing procedures for handling large amounts of merchandise which go through several steps in the manufacturing process including cars or liquids (Jacobs & Pursue, 2011, p. 167). Examples

In the bi-cycle and kayak rental procedure example, a personal attention way is appropriate for the reason that volume of product sales is relatively low, customers might need the bicycle adjusted before leaving your local store, and the retail outlet needs to ensure that safety recommendations are comprehended.

When it comes to the custom-made promotional things, an assembly-line layout to get the production of the basic item is acceptable as large volumes of identical products can be manufactured in batches built to stock. Intended for the customization part, a workcenter way is appropriate within a made to order process to be able to fulfill little runs of customized product....

References: Jacobs, F. R. & Run after, R. (2011). Operations and Supply Chain Administration (13th education. ) Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Irwin.


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