Short Dissertation: Empedocles

Noe Castillo


February 24, 2013

Louise Morell

Short Essay: Pre-Socratic Philosopher Empedocles

There are many pre-Socratic philosophers that changed the way in which we think today and that without one the world could have been a different place. Of the many philosophers that came ahead of Socrates I believe that Empedocles was the the majority of compelling as they took diverse perspectives on being that came before him and tried to reconcile all of them into one idea. Empedocles thought that " the case reality is long lasting and unchangeable, yet this individual also thought it ridiculous to write off the modify we encounter as pure illusion. ” He thought that everything consists of the four elements: the planet, air, open fire and water. These elements can create anything. Although anything around us changes, the elements maintain their sincerity and stay the same. He also thought that all cosmic pushes acted for the elements in order to cause them to change, he referred to as them Like and Conflict, disturbance, fighting, turmoil. These two makes act as opposites where appreciate creates and attracts wherever strife damages and sets apart. His proof is his knowledge on how solar eclipses work and also his testing that triggered the breakthrough that drinking water and surroundings are independent substances. We find his ideas convincing because at the moment there were conflicting ideas for the makeup of reality and being. The notion that the 4 elements constitute everything and anything and that they are put to work forces of nature that in turn make them or destroy these people is unique. Why? Since it seems that having been the first to go beyond single elements and solitary ideas of what being was which is. It seems in my experience like a cycle of life and fatality. It also appears that he opened the way for other Philosophers to look deeper than just the elements, just like the atomists would with their writings. I think the particular one practical sort of this theory is plants. For example through the four seasons plant life...


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