The bar chart illustrates the percentage of trips in a car by require and gender of motorists in june 2006

Generally speaking, although the percentage of trips by car various according to purpose and gender, males and females used car mostly for operate.

To specify, forty percent of women journeyed by car for reason of work, followed by two additional purposes including shopping and courses with less than 17% in every single. Meanwhile, at most 10% of these drove their very own cars to run errands, go to friends, traditional bank, town and do other activities.

Similarly, nevertheless travelling to function by car was the the majority of prevalent with around fifty percent of males, recreation positioned second and slightly exceeded shopping which accounted for exactly 10%. Nevertheless , to run chores, visit close friends and do others by car still lied at the bottom of male list.

Strikingly, only in purposes of lender and excitement did the two sexes observe the biggest distance in the percentage.

The bar charts illustrate the purpose intended for study in respect to age group.

In general, as the youngest research mainly for career, the most well-known learn mostly for curiosity.

To demonstrate, 80% of people aged below 26 decide to learn to get career, a little bit followed by age groups 30-39 with 70%. By comparison, although the age group 40-49 is all about 19% as little as that via 30-39, it doubles the oldest group and makes up about exactly forty percent in the level of learning for career.

By contrast, an reverse picture can be found in the reason of studying to get interest. Whereas 70% of people aged above 49 are curious about learning, the center age group from 40-49 which will shows 40% far outshines rest age groups by for least twice. Strikingly, simply in the age group 40-49 carry out learning intended for career and interest have a similar rate.

Besides, the 2nd chart discloses the amount of support from business employers including a vacation and fee. The youngest receive the top level of help with about 60%. In the meantime, the oldest and those old 26-29 receive 40% of support, nevertheless the least is found in the...


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