For what reason was Trouble Permitted?

And so the history begins, God and his child Jesus the two enjoyed and shared a similar purpose. The son was over the angels and ruled heaven by observing a moral code. This code included things such as honor, mercy and truth. God a new magnificent paradise full of magnificence. Those who dwelled here had been only asked to love their inventor and what he is short for. But Our god knew in the event he would not allow his host to the choice to follow along with him the meaning with their worship would not be the same. This freedom to choose we understand as " free is going to. ” The universe visited as almost everything ran easy and there were a feeling of the purest pleasure! A change involved to arrive. Perhaps the declaring " all good things need to come to an end” is definitely fitting! A great angel, a creation of God, was about to change anything. Lucifer was considered to be a best angel till one day wickedness entered his being. Lucifer's self amour became more than his wish to worship his creator. Having been driven by envy to get the adoration of others. Lucifer began to artfully gain followers intended for his individual benefit. God announced that most must plead allegiance to Christ and honor him. Lucifer pretended to be faithful but was not able to put away his own self-centered desires. Just like the skilled politician's of today, selection a assure of how he'd govern the heavens in different ways. He said he would profit all not merely himself. This is how he distributed his items to the additional inhabitants. But was this the truth?

The angels who also did not follow Lucifer's route tried to regain the loyalty of those whom did. While this went on God watched patiently. He had hoped to recover those who were lost. Rather Lucifer applied his benevolence against Our god to reinforce his own request. Lucifer had now turn into " the adversary of God. ” Even with the threat of recourse Lucifer and his enthusiasts moved onward in an attempt to reap control. Once again we see the usage of today's personal tactics. Lucifer...


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