Exploration on Laptop computer Buying behavior of college students in SIC

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Table of Articles

Executive Summary3

Background (Including Scope)3

Exploration Methodology3

Major Research Objective3

Secondary Analysis Objectives3

Exploratory Research Findings4

Research Methodology4

Data Collection Method4

Analytical Techniques4

Period Schedule4

Preliminary Decisions5

Customer survey Design7

Evaluation and Outcome Sheets-Crosstabs10

Major Findings27


Executive Overview

This record is a detailed analysis from the laptop obtaining behaviour of students in Symbiosis InfoTech Campus, Hinjewadi Pune. You will find multiple laptop computer brands making their foray into the marketplace, offering diverse configurations, rates, features and deals. The report looks at these essential local trends, with a great emphasis on providing quality principal research info, obtained directly from the students of SIC Grounds. It provides research of the brands and features available in the market and the factors which have been taken into account before making a purchase decision. Through government of immediate, personal and structured interview and dimension techniques like semantic differential box, constant quantity and multiple choice verify lists, a questionnaire in search of responses about seventeen concerns was sent out to students to seek all their choices and factors that they consider before buying a notebook. Subsequently, the data collected was analyzed using cross marge and regularity tables and pie charts Background (Including Scope)

The opportunity of the examine is to understand the shopping for behaviour of young pupils who are likely to or have currently purchased a laptop, thus assessing what went were the thoughts and guidelines that were deemed before the obtain. A number of queries arise ranging from how important is the configuration, what is the preferred coloring, weight, which in turn brand to get, what would be the performance and how is the support rated and so on were asked to determine the decision. The scope of the research covers the best selling countrywide brands and their performance and the preferences among the students. It contains the importance the students affiliate to the numerous factors that affect their particular choice of notebook. Research Method

The research methodology consists of use of considerable secondary info through questionnaires, interviews and internet. A ended set of questions with six questions was distributed initial among limited respondents to gauge the sort of responses and direction with the respondents to the sample inquiries and the EXPERT in general. Depending on the results generated, a preliminary questionnaire originated. The customer survey prepared was then distributed among the registrants of SIC campus for the responses Main Research Aim

To determine the notebook computer buying conduct of registrants of Symbiosis InfoTech Campus (SIC) Secondary Analysis Objectives

* To determine the effect of price on the choice of laptop. 5. To determine how configuration specs of laptop affects selecting the notebook. * To look for the importance provided to physical top features of the laptop computer during selection. * To determine how the customer support given by the laptop service provider affects the buying behavior. * To determine how the supplementary features of the laptop affects the choice of the laptop. 2. To determine the effect of brand preference on the range of laptop. * To determine how other intangible benefits perceived by the purchaser affects the selection of the laptop computer. Exploratory Analysis Findings

From the exploratory analysis we got the next information from the respondents 1) The different brands that the surveys takers considers purchasing. 2) The parameters that are being evaluated for ex. value, brand, services, looks and so forth..


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