SCHOOL: 2 Ikhlas

SUBJECT: British

DAY/DATE: Wednesday/15 May 2013

TIME: 12. 10 – 11. 31

THEME/TOPIC: People: Happy Teacher's Day


1 . 1 (b) Taking part in discussions.

installment payments on your 2 (e) using dictionaries

(f) having meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases by using word attack abilities. 3. a couple of (c) creating simple greeting cards for Teacher's Day.

BEHAVIOURAL OBJECTIVES: Right at the end of the lessons, students will be able to: i) Share orally 3 qualities of their teachers.

ii) Express orally three thoughts about Teacher's Day.

iii) Express orally the correct pronunciation of the adjectives of features in the word list.

iv) Express in written form their appreciation to teachers by constructing in least three simple paragraphs.

v) Remember the transliteration in the word list by completing worksheet. LANGUAGE SKILLS: Reading with all the integration of Speaking and Writing TERMINOLOGY CONTENT:

i) Adjectives of Characteristics

ii) Terminology

iii) Recommended Sentence Design

THINKING ABILITIES: Memorizing, Creating Ideas, Evaluating


i) CCTS-Spelling, Generating Ideas, Analyzing ii) Meaningful Values-Love and appreciation towards teachers iii) MI- Visual-spatial, Verbal-linguistic


i) Calendar, Jigsaw challenge, Worksheet: careful, cheerful, joyful, loving, peaceful, patient, kind, gentle, inspiring, enthusiastic Level / time| Content| Educating & Learning Activity| Rationale| Remarks| Arranged Induction( ± 5 meters ) | Instructions: Tutor has a appointments. Questions: 1 . What is the importance of these date ranges? 2 . Why are they in reddish? | 1 ) Teacher reveals a diary of May possibly and represents the significant general public holidays and celebration in red. (1, 12, sixteen, 24, 40 & 31 May)2. Instructor asks inquiries about the dates, ultimately causing May 16th. 3. Pupils will answer those questions. | - To have the learners attention intended for the...


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