Muhammad is one of the many influential males in history as he has millions of followers due to his qualities. Leadership has become defined in many ways but it is mostly agreed that " command is about affecting others towards a common goal. ” Relating to Michael Hart (1978) book ‘The 100: This individual listed Muhammad (peace end up being upon him-PBUH) as the most influential individual inside the history because he " was the only person in history who was supremely successful on the two religious and secular levels” and " in fact , as the driving force behind the Arab conquests, he may well rank as the most influential personal leader coming from all time”. Muhammad (PBUH) was your greatest and a role model of Islam that will always be appreciated throughout record. Moreover Muhammad (PBUH) exhibits effectiveness in his leadership as he dragged a whole nation to trust his goal to praise the only The almighty. Also the prophet Muhammad had various strategies to deal with conflict amidst a group. Muhammad (PBUH) was created in Great place in 570 AD. His father passed away shortly just before his labor and birth, and this individual lost his mother at the age of six. He was then brought up by his uncle Abu talib. Pertaining to whom this individual worked pertaining to as a shepherd at the age of 9 and then this individual worked as a trade gun. At the age of forty five Muhammad (PBUH) received his call becoming a prophet. And he received the word of God through the angel Gabriel and keen message was written in the o Quran. From that point Muhammad started to be a leader plus the final messenger of the almighty. Muhammad (PBUH) role was sent to call the people for the obedience and worship of God exclusively (" Allah” in Arabic). Some of these messengers include Hersker, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and Christ (peace be upon these people all). It can be interesting and edifying to learn what was his leadership style which made him the most influential person ever together with other factors. Muhammad was also a ruler, a judge, a warrior, an orator, a preacher, a legislator, a reformer, a spiritual empire....



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