Psychology 230

07 12 , 2010

" The Last 203 Days of Sarah's Life”В

The film I select to watch pertaining to the chapter 16 dissertation was " The Last 203 Days of Sarah's Life”. I actually previewed a few of the films offered from option A after which previewed Sarah's film. Sarah's film handled me for a personal level after I understood what the film was about. My maternal grandmother has reached the age of tips years this kind of October and although she is not sick like Sarah was I realize that my personal grandmother are unable to have too many years left. Sarah's daughter Kaye expressed her feelings over the video, the frustration, the excellent and negative days her mother acquired, all of which affect the care givers state to be. Listening to the sadness in Kaye's voice reached myself. I was capable to relate with her scenario because I just recently read the same via my own cousin who covers my grandma. It's the hardest thing to witness when the care giver is breaking down from developed frustration. Sarah and Kaye began the film using what turns out to be 203 days before Sarah's death. Sarah is definitely terminally unwell and although she's in great pain and discomfort, her frame of mind is clear and defined. The lady wore a wig and cared as to what she looked like, getting her nails carried out and all. Fifty percent way through the film you can see things are taking a turn intended for the a whole lot worse. Sarah's looks changed quite a bit. She wore no make up, the hairpiece was gone and she was slow and in much more visible and audible discomfort. Up until fourteen days ago, That i knew that a hospice was a place where the terminally ill head to die. I had fashioned no clue as to how the staff relates to the consumers or what their major focus would be. The staff people from the hospice in the film were mainly concerned with Sarah's level of pain and how that they could help minimize it. They treated her with admiration and would not patronize her in any shape or kind. All of which was mentioned in the last chapter of your textbook. Kaye had described three issues...


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