Vintage folk tale, Three Very little Pigs, provides many options for fun learning activities across the curriculum. Here are a few suggestions.

Three's the Appeal Focus on the quantity three. Go through other stories, such as Three Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks plus the Three Contains, or recite a rhyme such as 3 Little Cats. Have each child pull a picture of three of the same thing. Labeled each drawing: 3 chairs, 3 holds, 3 plants, etc . Gather the illustrations into a class book about the number 3.

All Kinds of Properties Brainstorm a number of home-building materials with kids — in the realistic for the silly — from mortar and bricks to almond butter and bread. Have got each kid draw an image of a house made from real or unconventional materials. Children can specify a word or two of their houses. Produce a class book with kids work. " P” is perfect for Pig Include half the children draw pictures of items that commence with the sound of the letter L. Have the partner draw anything they would like. Hold up the images one at a time. Work together with children to sort the images into two piles: issues that commence with the sound in the letter S and points that do certainly not. Variation: Encourage each kid to bring a picture of something that starts with the appear of the notification P. Packaging each picture. Gather children's illustrations right into a class publication about the letter S.

Blow Piece of art Provide paper plates, plastic-type spoons, a number of colors of slightly watered down tempera paints, and short lengths of drinking straws. Show children how to place a blob of paint within the paper after which blow through the drinking hay to scatter it to produce designs. Make sure show children how to blow out as if they can be blowing pockets, rather than sucking on the straw as they will if they were drinking a thing from that. Getting to Know Swines Introduce kids to facts about pigs with simple nonfiction books. Talk with children about where domestic swine usually live, what they love to eat, the sounds...


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