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This composition sets out to strategically analyze UNIQLO which IS a fresh Japanese ca wear brand invest in Hk. I will research UNIQLO internal factor and external element. After that, Let me recommendation a few area of digital marketing to UNIQLO

Company backdrop:

UNIQLO is the well-known informal clothing brand in Japan, and to Present footprints around four continents, 17 locations. UNIQLO is mainly developing the” business marketplace in Asia such as Hk, Taiwan, China and tiawan, Korea and Japan. In a few years, UNIQLO update to the world‘s fourth most significant casual wear brand, just behind ZARA, H& Meters. and SPACE. Also, Giordano is the main community competitor of UNIQLO in Hong Kong.

In 2005, UNIQLO started to invest in Hong Kong. They open the first department in Tsim Sha Tsui. Today, UNIQLO is one of the popular brands in Hong Kong in which have twenty-two branches. Many teenagers or student will buy their particular clothes since. there have many types of clothes such as Tee shirt, jersey, coat, coat, sweater and jeans.

Interior analysis:

Business design

UNIQLO can be described as business to customer (B2C) company, because their company beliefs is MADE FOR ALL'. They want everyone can wear the very best quality casual use. So their very own product lines break down to person, woman, youngsters and baby. Also, UNIQLO products have different series just like casual wear, formal match, underwear and sportswear. They desire customer can purchase their clothing more put emphasis and ease.

Then main objectives of UNIQLO's program are enhancing its company image, Inside the target market and maintaining associations with consumers through digital communication. Digital marketing connection is very beneficial which can catch the attention of the potential customers. For example , we are developing the web shopping system to our buyers. It can catch the attention of the potential customers who are looking our internet site. Also it can build our company image, maximize our market share. In addition , were planning to work with community university, Attract some garments to their scholar. Establish long-term relationship with media channels.

Target Buyer

UNIQLO motto is " MADE FOR ALL" their target market would be everyone, no matter what your own gender, age ranges. In UNIQLO, you can purchase what you require.

However , they're not going to set many prices way too high as they desire everybody can manage it.

In Hong Kong, teenager and student are their very own main goal customers mainly because teenager and student are care more about their dress up than adult.

Competitive Evaluation

(International opponents in Hong Kong)

UNIQLO is the planet's fourth major casual put on brands, their particular, main competition are H& M, DIFFERENCE and ZARA. These 3 companies as well sell economical causal wear and robber style is extremely similar. (What about Giordano, Bossini)

DIFFERENCE & ZARA are UNIQLO big competitor because they would like to develop their business in Asia too. They want to include the The european countries style to Asian. Nevertheless , UNIQLO is known as a Japanese firm, their products might be have some Japanese people style. In Asia, Asian like Europe style much more than Japanese design. 50 it can affect all their sales in Asia.

In digital marketing, I locate online shopping program only DIFFERENCE website include, UNIQLO, H& M and ZARA haven�t online shopping systems. Also, DIFFERENCE have the after sell services, it can help buyer to reduce the risk of shopping online. Today, customers just like shopping online mainly because they can know the dimensions of the news companies purchase all of them on the internet, it is even more convenience than shopping in branches. ln Hong Kong, UNIQLO only have 22 branches, not really everywhere are able to see UNIQLO stores, so shopping online system can help UNIQLO to promote their products.

Yet , UNIQLO has used other social application including 'LINE' to interactive with. customers. For example , UNIQLO every week will send concept in their followers page, they may ask a lot of question, in the event follower answers their issue correctly, they will give several discount to them. That...


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