Any piece of writing that expresses a strong objection to a certain scenario or celebration, with intention of convince or perhaps catalyze a big change in the viewers view of said situation or function, may be classified as protest writing, no matter structure, language, audience, point of view, appeals, or perhaps support. The sole factor that classifies writing as protest writing is goal: the purpose of catalyzing change and amending the points to which the writer things. Radical text messaging are a vital part of protest writing. Significant writing is a very effective technique of catching the public's attention and catalyzing change. A sense of legitimacy is definitely not innate to an powerful piece of demonstration writing, while shown by comparison between the writing of Betty Friedan and Valerie Solanas. The first is an extremely effective and decent piece that had not any exaggeration or radicalism in its message. The other is actually a radical and also the top piece that has zero sense of legitimacy or credibility. Nonetheless they both encourage a change inside the status quo in America concerning women. They the two promote knowing of the stagnancy of schedule in the lives of American housewives, and both equally hope to catalyze a change in American contemporary society.

In Betty Friedan's piece " The Problem that Has No Identity, " the lady writes having a distinguished and respectable strengthen. Her writing makes her out to be a well educated and intelligent person, who wants to increase awareness on her cause. " Over and over females heard in voices of tradition and of Freudian elegance that they can desire not any greater future than to glory inside their own beauty. " In this case she is a great advocate for any cause that she is immediately involved with. The unemployed of housewives and the total repression of women in America is the most suitable told with a housewife- a person who has knowledgeable the В‘problem. ' She's able to express her argument in an appropriate, and, practically polite sculpt. This maintains even biased readers to some degree open to what she has to express.



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