As a Sociable Work college student, I have been encountered with different confronts of poverty especially in this school season. These exposures have educated me a lot of life lessons and helped me grow as a person. One of many realizations I had with these types of exposures can be how low income differently designed the lives of the poor. Thus, I had developed different opinions of poverty. If you dig deeper in the causes of against the law activities, one of those is lower income. Once, I had fashioned given an opportunity to interview women who sells her individual flesh. She's twenty four years old and a solo parent or guardian of two children and with no other people to compliment them. Of course , her children have no idea about her job. According with her, she cannot find different job mainly because no one can hire someone like her who won't be able to even examine and compose. With the sort of job that she has, your woman doesn't have to read and write and she gets income very easily. She'll perform everything in order to sustain the needs of her children. I also, am a mother of two. Using this woman, I use learned to never take for granted the people who are always there to compliment me and my kids. Rich or perhaps poor, a mom or dad will do everything for her/his children. Fortunately, I do not need to be in a job like hers to provide food about our table. In opposite, I had also viewed lower income as a musical instrument of the poor to self-actualize. I i am able to cope with people that are well off and people that are received from poor households. I realize how most of the last mentioned gives importance to education, how poverty matured their very own choices and how they give importance to anything they have – little sum of money, time and options. On the other hand, my personal well-off friends have spent their money because of their wants rather than needs and exactly how they put in their energy and time to trivial activities. To put it succinctly, I have discovered more via these poor people and made myself realize to value anything I have and also to be wiser in spending my time, energy and money.

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